Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Krypto Chronicles: Full Disclosure (Hudson hangs his head in shame)

Yesterday, I put Krypto in his pen in the living room while I went into the den to get some work done.  He was quiet at first, but after a while, started whining loudly.  I assumed that he just wanted attention, so I stayed in the den and ignored him.  After several minutes, he went quiet, and about 30 seconds later I went into the living room to reward him for being quiet. 

Turned out he was trying to tell me he needed to go outside, and had peed and pooped in his pen.  Sigh.  I made so many mistakes here, I could smack myself on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.

1) Don't leave dogs in a pen unattended!  That's what the crate is for!

2) By now, I should have a better handle on recognizing when he wants to go vs. his "pay attention to me" whine.

3) By not coming out until just after he'd pottied in his pen, I kinda sorta rewarded him for pottying!  I essentially told him "If you potty, I'll come out from the den."  That's gonna set me back a bit!

4) Don't leave dogs in a pen unattended!

Bad Hudson, bad!

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