Monday, April 22, 2013

Krypto Chronicles: Sickness!

Krypto came down with a hacking cough yesterday and overnight.  I took him into the vet this morning.  The diagnosis is inconclusive - it could be kennel cough, or it could be a lesser upper respiratory infection.  He's on antibiotics for the next week, and is forbidden from seeing dogs until he's done with his antibiotics or three days after his coughing goes away, whichever comes later.

It's a risk of doing a lot of socialization.  I've taken him a lot of places and he's met a fair number of dogs.  With a lot of exposure to the world comes the chance of catching something.  But ultimately, he'll have this cough for a little bit, but the good from the socialization will last a lifetime. 

He's still full of energy and spunk, so I'm still going to be getting him out every day, just not quite as much for a while so he can take it a little easier.  I'll just be avoiding dogs.  But he still got to ride in a shopping cart today!

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